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Designing for Human Interaction in the Office

Designing for Human Interaction in the Office

Organizations are increasingly realizing that in order to attract and retain topmost talent, they must ensure work environments promote productivity, wellness and meaningful, human interactions. However, accomplishing this requires more that simply a deep understanding of space usage and work process but, above all else, empathy. To truly understand what employees expect from and how they engage with their work environments, office design leaders have to start building emotional connections with employees. But how can you build emotional connections with employees at scale? Ahead of the 2019 Future Offices conference, we sat down with office design leaders from Instacart, Citrix, HMS, and more to find out.

Download this piece to gain real-world approaches to:

  • Articulating the value of human-centric design
  • Selecting design elements that facilitate human interaction and creativity
  • Embracing a data-driven approach to office design
  • Cultivating a culture that supports office design and fosters collaboration
  • Leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques for understanding and designing the right work environments for your company
CRE 2020 Report: What Corporate Real Estate Tenants Want

CRE 2020 Report: What Corporate Real Estate Tenants Want

he rise of digital technology and changing customer expectations has transformed commercial landlords from rent collectors to service providers. Though cost and location will always be top priorities for commercial tenants, modern tenants also want flexibility, connectivity, lively, urban surroundings and, above all else, VALUE. As a result, the landlords who embrace the transition to "space-as-a-service" are the ones that will thrive in 2020 and beyond.

Given all of the changes afoot, we at Future Offices created this new report outlining the top 6 things office space tenants want with a special focus on:

  • Game-changing CRE and office technology trends
  • The art of balancing ROI with amenities
  • The evolution towards space-as-a-service
  • The growth of flexible spaces, agile leasing and co-working
  • 3 multi-use developments to watch