How to Design an Office Millennials will Love

How to Design an Office Millennials will Love

......and why your entire workforce will thank you. 

Perhaps unlike previous generations, millennials demand that their work environments reflect their values, organizational mission, support work/life balance and are, generally speaking, comfortable. Due to their refusal to compromise on these issues, few generations have changed the workplace as much and as fast as the millennial generation. However, there’s no doubt about it, millennials have changed the workplace for the better.

However, despite these changes, organizations still struggle to retain and engage their millennial workforce. Though the art of employee engagement is certainly multi-faceted, office design does play a pivotal role in attracting, inspiring and pleasing millennial employees. With this in mind, we created this list of the top key considerations for designing work spaces that not only speak to millennials but will boost happiness for your entire workforce.

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  • Promote well-being and productivity 
  • Enable flexibility & innovation
  • Reflect your organizational values and core mission
  • Ignite collaboration & social connection 

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