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Future Offices Summer 2020 Online Agenda

Hot off the press, check out the Future Offices Summer 2020 Online Agenda to see all of the sessions and presenters we will have on the Online Event, August 4 - 5!

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Special Report: How Covid-19 Shocked the Workplace

How will Covid-19, and this new way of thinking about space optimization and safety, change how we design and function in offices?We explore these changes and talk to workspace innovators about both the past few months as well as what we expect to see in the future, including:Addressing the now:...

The Post-Pandemic Workplace: Key Considerations for Building Happy & Healthy Offices

Though first and foremost a human disaster, Covid-19 has made the world more aware of how disease spreads within the built environment. Though when and how the office-based workforce will return to the physical workplace remains up in the air, one thing is certain: the Coronavirus outbreak will fundamentally change...

COVID-19: Tips From The World's Largest Work-From-Home Study

It's no secret that companies have either been directly affected or have felt a stronger-than-normal ripple effect from the wide-spread Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak both financially and from a productivity standpoint. Fear is growing within medium to large enterprises in major cities, ultimately diverting employee focus and resulting in decreased output....

Stepping Up to the Challenge: How one workplace design disruptor sees opportunity amid the chaos

“What’s fueling change in workplace design with Bob Fox” podcast recap & full transcript!The future of workspaces, and further, the future of work as a whole, is a term that has of late been tinged with darkness and solemnity. No one can talk about the future of offices and workplaces...

How Real-Time Data Can Help Maximize and Optimize Your Workspace (Case Study)

A recap of our latest podcast, "Using Real-Time Data to Maximize and Optimize Your Workspace with Alma Mancha and Akhil Viz,"  + full transcriptData is playing a larger and larger role in our lives in general, and in our work-lives in particular. Post-lockdown, everyone will be utilizing space much differently. Hence,...

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Every Thing You Need To Know If You Missed The Last Future Offices

This past January, over 350 workplace design leaders and 30-odd sponsors joined us in New York for Future Offices Winter. For those who couldn't make it, we created this wrap-up report to showcase session highlights, key industry stats we collected onsite and a summary of what was talked about at...

Future Offices Summer Trailer

From August 21-23, Future Offices took over San Francisco for Future Offices Summer! With 6 site tours, 3 days of networking opportunities with corporate real estate executives, and in-depth career development sessions, Future Offices delivered a one-of-a-kind experience for our 300+ attendees. Watch our Future Offices Summer 2019 to see...

Future Offices Winter Trailer

Future Offices Winter 2020 was an incredible experience that brought together the best of the best from the workplace industry; the highest ranked workplaces, biggest brands and most innovative companies! The epicenter of the conference was at Convene's brand new space at 225 Liberty Street in New York City and...

Future Offices Site Tours

Seeing is Believing! With our staple Site Tours, Future Offices aims to extend the opportunity to see first-hand how the best workplaces in the country are operating. By locking down the coolest and newest workplaces and office campuses, our Site Tours offer a unique experience for guided tour by the Head...

Future Offices Spring ONLINE: Post-Event Recap & On-Demand Access

10 Fresh Perspectives to Fortify Your Workplace Response to COVID-19 Now On DemandThe workplace as we know it will never be the same. Amidst this catastrophic public health crisis, workplace experience, real estate and facilities leaders must now not only plan for re-entry, they must also re-imagine the workplace for...

Online Events Attendee Snapshot

Who has attended our Future Offices Online Events? Take a look to find out the types of organizations and job titles have attended Future Offices Spring 2020 Online (April) and the current list of attendees for Future Offices Summer 2020 Online (August).

Articles, Whitepapers & Insights

Going Green in 2020: Guiding Principles for Constructing Sustainable Offices

The science is clear, large-scale environmental disturbances such as anthropogenic climate change, deforestation and pollution threaten not only our way of life, but our very existence as a species. However, as daunting as this crisis is, architects, CRE developers, facilities managers and other office design leaders are uniquely positioned to...

How to Adapt Your Benefits Program for Post-COVID Commutes

Start preparing for the future of commuting.Commuting has historically been a relatively fraught topic. Most people hate theirs, and they make all kinds of decisions based on ways to make it shorter. That includes taking jobs, leaving jobs, and choosing where to live. Most people in America commute by driving...


Workplace Design Techniques Video Interview with Tumblr

In this exclusive video, we visited Tumblr's New York Office, and sat down with Megan Leet, Head of Office Experience & Events at Tumblr. She spoke about creating a space to reflect company culture, the importance of flexibility and mobility in the workplace, and discussed some of the additions that...

Lucia Diana, Global Real Estate at Verizon on Coworking and Open Offices

In this exclusive interview with Lucia Diana, Global Real Estate, Verizon, we dive into her thoughts on coworking, open offices, and the latest workplace developments at Verizon.

Wayfair’s Secrets to an Agile Workplace

Take a look inside Wayfair’s Boston headquarters and find out how Wayfair’s workplace design team embraces change and drives continuous cultural transformation. Learn more about their approach to:Using out-of-the-box design elements to help spark creativity and employee delightLeveraging initiative-based seating to boost collaboration and relationship building amongst employeesHarnessing the power...

A Conversation with Don Watson, Merck's VP, Global Workplace

At Future Offices Winter 2020 (January 22 – 24), we had a chance to speak with Don Watson, Vice President, Global Workplace at Merck about:How Merck has aligned functions and divisions on priorities to reduce silos Key tips for those in the process of building a successful global real estate...

IWG's Vice President Network Development, Americas on Collaboration, the Future of Co-Working and the State of Corporate Real Estate in 2020

At the 2020 Future Offices Winter, Michael Berretta, Vice President Network Development, Americas at IWG sat down with us and shared:His favorite ways to promote collaboration among employees in the workplace How some industry earthquakes, like WeWork or the fear of another recession, have affected IWG’s strategy or mindset The future...

Wingate Hughes on Optimism in the Workplace

We got the opportunity to have a one-on-one with Gavin Hughes Daniels, Principal & Co-Founder at Wingate Hughes. He discusses the future of work, how optimism should be the focus for all organizations, the intersection of data and humanity and more.

Past Presentations & Sessions

2020 Future Offices Past Presentation Packet

Download 3 presentations from past Future Offices events to get a glimpse on the latest office design & corporate real estate thought leadership:Modernizing a Complex Portfolio - Presentation by Anne Morton, Director General, Strategic Portfolio Initiatives, Department of National Defence Learning, Flexibility, and Optimism in the Workplace - Presentation by...

Learning, Flexibility, and Optimism in the Workplace

It can be hard to bring optimism to work every day and flexibility is easier said than done. People often feel too burdened by busyness to find new ways to approach work. Great design and passion for learning removes those barriers. The investments you make in your office design today...

Leveraging Space Utilization Data for Analytics

Traditional space survey audits just aren’t giving you the real story and repeatedly lead to misinformation, but emerging technologies such as IoT sensors and smart devices are making the collection and tracking of space utilization data easier, more automated, and more accurate. In this session from the 2020 Future Offices...

State of the Market: What is on the Horizon for Corporate Real Estate?

With over 19 million square feet underway in NY, not even including the rest of the United States, things are changing quite rapidly for corporate real estate. With technology companies doubling down on office and an increase in flexible office, 2020 raises some eyebrows as to what will make for...

Back To The Future: Delivering Workplaces In 2020

Over the last 40 years, technology and innovation have impacted nearly every industry from finance to travel to retail. Amazon delivers our orders in hours, we can book a vacation in minutes, and soon we’ll take driverless uber rides to work, -yet the way design and construction services are delivered...

Where To Start With Your Workplace And Real Estate Strategy

Enjoy this full panel presentation from 2019's Future Offices Summer that explores:Drivers for determining your investments within your real estate strategy Distinguishing workplace and workspace initiatives Featured panelists:- Sally Augustin, PhD, Principal | Consulting Expert, Design With Science | UC Berkeley - Chirag Kadiwar, Director, Workplace Planning, Facebook - Lucia...

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Optimize Space Planning

Computational infrastructure for real estate and facilities Modeling for commercial AI implementation; ex: foot trafficHow to leverage AI generated predictive analytics to enhance decision makingPresentation by: Sunil Suram - Director of AI and Big Data, Tango Bart Waldeck - CMO & SVP Product Strategy, Tango

Atlassian Case Study: Creating A Flexible Office Design In A First Generation Building

Successfully creating spaces that encourage clients and employees to socialize and congregate. Localizing your design and culture to the look and feel of your surrounding urban environment. Speaker: Scott Hazard - Head of Workplace Experience - Atlassian

Flexible Workspaces And Intelligent Space Management -

Session from Future Offices Spring 2019 with: Michael Kruklinski, Head of Real Estate, Siemens Gas & Power and Siemens USA Nichelle Grant, Head of Vertical Markets, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Americas


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SiS Ergo - A Sponsor Testimonial

We sat down with Sean Dimmic, Vice President of Sales at SiS Ergo. He tells us the benefits of sponsoring Future Offices and as well as adding on a special package!

Envoy - A Sponsor Testimonial

We got the chance to have a one-on-one with Larry Gadea, Founder & CEO at Envoy. He discusses the importance of sponsoring and attending Future Offices!