August 19 - 21, 2020 | San Francisco, CA

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Future Offices Summer 2019 Event Guide

Future Offices Summer is back and hotter than ever. From longer workshops, to new site tours to maturity-tracked content, the knowledge and experience gained through this conference will be invaluable this beach season.Join us from August 21 - 23


Future Offices Summer Trailer

From August 21-23, Future Offices took over San Francisco for Future Offices Summer! With 6 site tours, 3 days of networking opportunities with corporate real estate executives, and in-depth career development sessions, Future Offices delivered a one-of-a-kind experience for our 300+ attendees. Watch our Future Offices Summer 2019 to see...

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Future Offices Summer: 2019 Solution Provider's Guide

Take a look at the Future Offices Solution Provider's Guide. Inside you'll find an overview of the Future Offices Series of events, audience breakdown, industry investment priorities, partnership opportunities and more. For additional information, contact

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Every Thing You Need To Know If You Missed The Last Future Offices

This past January, over 350 workplace design leaders and 30-odd sponsors joined us in New York for Future Offices Winter. For those who couldn't make it, we created this wrap-up report to showcase session highlights, key industry stats we collected onsite and a summary of what was talked about at...

Current Attendee Snapshot: Future Offices Summer 2019

See who's already signed up to attend Future Offices Summer 2019 at the Marriott Marquis San Francisco this August 21st - 23rd!

Future Offices Summer 2019: Past Attendee List

Who has attended our Future Offices events? Take a look to find out who you will get to meet onsite!


Workplace Design Techniques Video Interview with Tumblr

In this exclusive video, we visited Tumblr's New York Office, and sat down with Megan Leet, Head of Office Experience & Events at Tumblr. She spoke about creating a space to reflect company culture, the importance of flexibility and mobility in the workplace, and discussed some of the additions that...

Lucia Diana, Global Real Estate at Verizon on Coworking and Open Offices

In this exclusive interview with Lucia Diana, Global Real Estate, Verizon, we dive into her thoughts on coworking, open offices, and the latest workplace developments at Verizon.

Smart Workplace Design for the World's Largest Workforce: Interview with Walmart's Vice President of Design, Dan Makoski

Dan Makoski, Walmart's Vice President of Design, shares an overview of Walmart's top workplace design priorities for 2018, workplace design trends and the importance of building flexible and mobile workplaces.

Articles, Whitepapers & Insights

Key Reasons Why Large Corporations Are Choosing Flexible Workspaces

Staff wellness and productivity are two key trends driving growth and diversity in today’s flexible workspace sector and big businesses are taking full advantage. Some of the world’s largest corporations have recognized the benefits of coworking and have taken advantage of the opportunity, committing millions of square feet to flexible...

Bringing the Workforce and Workplace Together

It's no secret, the nature of work is changing. In the coming decade, experts predict that the workforce will become smaller and increasingly global. The new currency of the labor market will be mobility, agility and consumerized employee experiences. This whitepaper by Asure Software explores how to bringing the workforce and workplace...

Tap Into the 4 W's

Engage today's agile workforce with Barco's Tap into the 4 W's report. What are the "4 W's"? Download the report to discover how the 4 W's can transform the workforce. 

A Look Into the 2030 Office: 11 Technologies & Innovations that will Shape the Future of Office Design

What does the future hold for office design?Experts predict that by 2030 offices will need to accommodate a new workforce made up of digital nomads who, rather than being tied to a physical workplace, will move freely between remote work stations and numerous physical offices. In addition, new solutions such...

In Defense of the Open Office Layout

Insights from Top Workplace Experts at Simple Finance, Robin, & Chapman University.The open office layout is having a PR crisis. Over the past few years, dozens if not hundreds of articles have been published everywhere from the Fast Company to Buzzfeed to the Washington Post trashing the open office layout. ...

Past Presentations & Sessions

Designing for Equity: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters To Your Organization

4 Expert Panelists:Tracy Needles, NYC Facilities Manager, GoogleRachel Hunter, Director Diversity and Inclusion, Comcast NBC UniversalMichele Neptune, Director of Sustainability and Wellness, HLWMat Triebner, Director of Strategy and Discovery, HLWPresentation Highlights:The effect of equity on your people and your profitsHow you can bring equity to your design process

Past Presentation Packet: Future Offices Winter 2019

Download and review 4 of the most popular PowerPoint presentations from our January 2019 event:Measure Twice, Build Once by Lucas Hamilton, Manager, Building Science Applications, CertainTeed / Saint-GobainFICO’s Global Check-In Deployment by Rhio Champine, Engineer, FICO and Gregory Blondeau, CEO & Founder, ProxyclickDesigning Space to Attract, Develop, and Retain the...

Generate Culture Driven Solutions with Cutting-Edge Change Management Tools and Processes

Recorded at the 2019 Future Offices Winter, this full session video covers:Driving workplace strategy success through change managementTaking into account employee interests to minimize resistance during design implementationSuccessfully introducing and promoting activity-based office design to employeesWorking cross-functionally with IT and HR to drive engagementPanelists include:Paul Battaglia, Principal, Clark-NexsenNona Gross, Workplace...

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Optimize Space Planning

Computational infrastructure for real estate and facilities Modeling for commercial AI implementation; ex: foot trafficHow to leverage AI generated predictive analytics to enhance decision makingPresentation by: Sunil Suram - Director of AI and Big Data, Tango Bart Waldeck - CMO & SVP Product Strategy, Tango

Flexible Workspaces And Intelligent Space Management

Adopting Intelligent Space Design & Creating Dynamic Spaces Through DesignSpeakers: Michael Kruklinski, Head of Real Estate, Siemens Gas & Power and Siemens USANichelle Grant, Head of Vertical Markets, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, AmericasTejal Jani, Project Manager, Siemens Real Estate 

Real Estate Technology And Innovation: Defining Your Needs For Connectivity

Session about deploying new technology that will benefit your workplace and employee collaboration and defining your company as a creative tenant through technology and digital amenitiesSpeaker:Sandra Peterson Corkern, Workplace Management Leader | Real Estate Technology & Innovation | Business Enablement, Ernst & Young

Transforming Culture And Space: A Collaboration Story

How space design played a role in HMS’ transformation from 2015-2019 & how vision and partnership will lead HMS into the futureSpeaker: Will Martin, Senior Director of Real Estate & Facilities, HMS

Atlassian Case Study: Creating A Flexible Office Design In A First Generation Building

Successfully creating spaces that encourage clients and employees to socialize and congregate. Localizing your design and culture to the look and feel of your surrounding urban environment. Speaker: Scott Hazard - Head of Workplace Experience - Atlassian

New Content

Collaboration at Play: Human-Centric Office Design Techniques & Strategies

The future of office design is the human experience. Over the past decade, leading-edge organizations have identified and exploited the connection between office design and employee experience to increase productivity, employee engagement and long-term business performance. However, to truly understand how employees interact with their work environments and which design elements...

Future Offices Spring 2019 Trailer

Future Offices Spring 2019 Event Trailer

Wayfair’s Secrets to an Agile Workplace

Take a look inside Wayfair’s Boston headquarters and find out how Wayfair’s workplace design team embraces change and drives continuous cultural transformation. Learn more about their approach to:Using out-of-the-box design elements to help spark creativity and employee delightLeveraging initiative-based seating to boost collaboration and relationship building amongst employeesHarnessing the power...