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Exclusive interview: Procurement heads in the Middle East 2019

Download this exclusive interview to gain insights intoL

  • Solutions and technologies they are looking to implement
  • Solution providers they are currently working with
  • The biggest challenges for the procurement sector in the region
  • Role of IoT, automation, AI, RPA and blockchain in the procurement function in the coming years

Event Guide: Future Procurement Leaders 2020

Future Procurement Leaders 2020 will gather procurement heads from companies across the region to talk about the changing role of the procurement function and the role of digitisation, transformation, leadership, talent and ecosystem in taking procurement to the next level.

In the current era of digitisation, the biggest challenges CPOs are facing are to deliver higher productivity at lower costs, improved business results, managing supplier risks and losses from indirect spending.

Since the Middle East is heavily investing in digitisation of work processes, there is a huge requirement around solutions that can help optimise the procurement and supply chain processes to give an added ROI on the function. Based on the requirements and challenges that have been highlighted to us, we are organising the 2nd edition of the Future Procurement Leaders summit taking place in February 2020 in Dubai.

If you think your solution could help these procurement leaders solve their challenges and achieve their objectives, then this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.