Future Workforce Asia Summit 2020

21 - 22 April, 2020 | Singapore 

Building the Connected Workplace to Empower Collaboration and Innovation

Today, work can be done from anywhere and at any time. Organisations are bound less by space and more by networks of shared values. Shifting demographics in the talent pool is also demanding the need for a more mobile, flexible and less centralized workplace.
How can organisations design and manage their workplaces to enhance their employee productivity, engagement and work performance?  At the same, they need to manage a multigenerational workforce and effectively communication across their organisation’s culture and identity.
Join us at our Future Workplace Asia Summit 2020 to explore how you can build next-generation workplaces to enable greater business performance and productivity. 

Featured Speakers

Key Conference Themes

Rethink workplace designs and space utilisation to boost workplace productivity

Enable collaborative workspaces through open-spaces and hot-desking to suit a diverse set of work needs and preferences

Establish a connected workplace to accelerate the speed of digital collaboration

Cultivate a multigenerational office to attract top talents as the preferred workplace

Boosting employee engagement with collaborative tools to enable a high-performing workplace

Why Should You Attend?

Designing collaborative and open workplaces to empower innovation and attract multigenerational workforce

Find out  technologies such as AI and collaborative tools to increase business and employee productivity in workplace

Learn how you can build an effective virtual workplace to support remote-working and cross-border digital collaboration

Learn the ins and outs of smart workplace designs to empower communication, collaboration and innovation

Co-located with Future of Workforce, gain a comprehensive guide on how your organisation can prepare for the future of work