23 - 25 June, 2020
Postillion Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Game Quality Forum Global Blog

A Case Study from Telus International

TELUS International has been performing front and back office customer support services from the Philippines for a social video gaming company since 2009. Beginning with email and voice, our support offerings have grown to include analytics, billing, compliance & investigation, community moderation, content management, campaign management, executive relations, and project management.

EC Innovations (ECI) Gameloc: The Most Accurate and Low Cost Solution to Game Localization

By: EC Innovations

Consider localization of a game when you are under contract with your company to sell the game in a new country or market. Translation is a crucial aspect of game localization but, we know the issues with localization are just too numerous to count, and one of foremost ones being how well the translator can completely express the passions and emotions in the game according to the game’s style. Moreover, how can it be ensured that the interface remains consistent and tidy with all the necessary updates? How can one reduce the continued regression modification and testing after localization? How can one complete the process of localization of the game in the given turnaround time so that it is released on schedule?

5 Reasons why you can’t miss Game Quality Forum Global this year!

By: Gaming IQ

  1. A quick summary of the top 5 reasons why it's going to be an epic 3 days!

Planning for Your Next Outsourcing Partner?

By: GodSpeed Games

Finding a perfect outsourcing partner could be a very tricky question for any company. In today’s world the emphasis on quality products and the ever-changing demands of customers has compelled every company of any size to outsource their projects. Godspeed have put together a Top Tips blog post to help you navigate this challenge!

Gaming IQ catch up with Stefan Posthuma, Senior Director of Engineering, Electronic Arts


Ahead of his participation at this year’s Game Quality Forum, Stefan Posthuma, Senior Director of Engineering at Electronic Arts took some time out to have a chat with us about the current use, and future of, AI in automation and testing. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below – to find out more about AI in Game Quality, check out the Game Quality Forum Global Agenda where Stefan will be speaking this June.

Gaming insights into internal collaboration and external partners

By: Gaming IQ

Did you see yesterday's Polygon article about the work crunches it took to get Fortnite's Live Releases off the ground?

This article is just one example of how live releases have changed the Game QA landscape, and how developers and studios must change their practises in line if they are to sustain the growth of recent years.

In Gaming IQ’s most recent Game Quality Insights Report we aim to understand how developers and studios are impacting live service, product launch efficiency and overall game quality through internal collaboration and outsourcing.

Systran: Art of speeding up NMT with 2nd gen engines

In this blog post we hear from one of our 2019 sponsors Systran on how their continued investment in R&D has seen a great increase in translation accuracy and optimizing engines to be more efficient.

Their latest 2nd generation NMT engines, available in our latest release of SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server, implements several technical optimizations that make the translation faster and more efficient.

Find out more about Systran's services here, and for more information about their involvement in Game Quality Forum Global click here