Game Quality Forum Global: Catching up with global experts

Last year we joined together for the 8th year of the Game Quality Forum series as we welcomed QA and Localisation professionals from across the globe to join together in sunny Amsterdam for Game Quality Forum Global.

Companies from niche studios to video game titans joined together with their QA and Loc teams to the industry's only conference dedicated to bringing QA, Loc and Player Support to uplift game quality. Our attendees ranged from many of our long-term friends from across this supportive group of professionals, as well as many new members to enrich our growing community.

These included:

Download the 2020 Agenda here

During the event, amongst all the fun onsite (did we mention someone won an iPad?), we caught up with some of our fantastic global experts to hear their key takeaways at the event, their experience with the community across the 3 days and also looking to the future of the industry. Watch these interviews below with features from Amazon Game Studios, Riot Games Tencent, EA and Techland!

First up we spoke with Michelle Mangio, Amazon Game Studio's Director of Product Quality, as we discussed topics including:

  • The biggest challenges facing the industry in the next 5 years
  • Michelle's favourite part about the forum and meeting her global friends to share ideas
  • Main takeaways from Game Quality Forum Global
  • What makes this forum special and unique to the community
"Taking care of your people is the most important thing you can do, you can have the greatest technology in the world, the greatest game [...] but if you don't take care of your people [...] your passion doesn't come through"

Next we spoke with EA's Stefan Posthuma, Senior Director of Engineering, as he answered questions including:
  • Favourite release he has worked on and why
  • How Stefan believes game quality will change in the near future
  • What are your   from this event?

[Game Quality Forum] really gives me an idea of what's happening outside in the rest of the industry, smaller companies, same companies, Triple A companies, Mogal, indies and that's really valuable, simply because we don't want to loose sight on what's going on in the world [outside of EA].

Miguel Bogaert also shared with us his insights from the conference, as we spoke with Riot Games' QA Manager to discuss:

  • Talks us through his experience of joining the Game Quality Forum for the first time!
  • What were his highlights of the forum
  • Main takeaways from #gamequalityforum

"Everyone here is aligned on what we are trying to do for the players, what I would hope to get is some innovative techniques and maybe some ideas on how to utilise technology that is coming out like AI and machine learning, on how to do a better job, making better games and improving processes"

Paddy Zhao, International QA Lead, Tecent also spoke to us to share his thoughts on the event and insights taken from across the sessions:

Gabriel Tendera, QA Lead, Techland also delivered his insights on returning to the Game Quality Forum and how this forum has helped shaped his perception on the future of the industry:

Looking to 2020...

GAME QUALITY FORUM GLOBAL IS BACK! Yep (you may have guessed it) we are returning to Amsterdam this June for another exciting and jam packed 3 days! Expect:

  • Insightful sessions
  • Thought-provoking panels
  • Exclusive workshops
  • Unparalleled networking
  • A party to remember with your global peers

As always we will be welcoming leading experts from around the globe once again to discuss how to uplift game quality at a time of change and innovation. These speakers include:

So why not join us? Book your place now to register with your earlybird discounts to save money on your pass! 

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Download the 2020 Agenda here