23 - 25 June, 2020
Postillion Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Game Quality Forum Global 2019 Agenda

Take a look at the Game Quality Forum Global 2019 agenda for hottest topics and confirmed speakers at this years event!Download your copy on the right >>

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GQF Global 2019 Sample Attendee List

Game Quality Forum Global, taking place 25-27 June in Amsterdam is set to welcome over 200+ QA, Localisation and Player Support professionals and 40+ expert speakers for 3 days of knowledge sharing and networking. Download our 2019 sample attendee list on the right >>< ...

2019 Industry Insights Report

Ahead of Game Quality Forum Global we surveyed experts from the gaming community from all around the globe to find out more about their views on internal collaboration, the impact of live services on their or ...

From Silos To Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Past Presentation

Last year at Game Quality Europe 2018 we heard from Denise and Suzi from Jagex who discussed:Introducing LOC Liaisons to strengthen and facilitate the collaboration between key departments of the businessWorking on an MMORPG with weekly updates and the benefits of havi ...

The Evolution Of Player Support In Live Services

Throughout the evolution of the industry, the demands of modern gaming have changed and releases now necessitate a long and planned lifecycle. Players expect more, and with each release, they want ...

Past Presentation: Social Point Presentation on Player Support

In this exclusive presentation from last year's Game Quality Forum, Pete McKay from Social Point shares his insights on VIP programs for games!Fill in the form on the right to receive you copy >>Download now to learn:How driving higher spenders can in ...

Game Quality Forum 2018 Recap

Here's a recap of the Game Quality Forum 2018 above where we welcomed over 200+ attendees for 3 days working together to raise the industry benchmarks for QA, Localisation and Player Support worldwide. More information on this year's event taking place in Amsterdam on the 25-27 June 2019 coming s ...

Integrated CX and QA: Drive engagement through uniting teams - Pole To Win

Increasing productivity, efficiency and player retention by aligning QA and CX teams in a multilingual, multidisciplinary environment.

Game Quality: The key to unlocking your players' loyalty

Do you want to unlock your players' loyalty? At Game Quality Europe Forum we think it's all about quality (obvs). Two of our sponsors, 5CA and Unbabel, agree with us and they actually made a video together explaining why it's important. You should check it out and check them out at the event!

Why good cross-functional collaboration matters to video game companies

When it comes to Game Quality, each and every department is concerned. A big theme of the Game Quality Forum Global is cross-functional collaboration, as it has a huge impact on the quality of a game. Download a copy of the interviews on the right &g ...

The tangible benefits of Customer Support and Community Management: A story in 5 chapters

In the gaming industry, the player base is famous for being unique and requiring high maintenance, in return for loyalty and maximum advocacy to a company. We wanted to know more about how Customer Support and Community Management matter for a company and especially for game quality. With ...

Game QA & Localisation Trends: Are Producers getting more involved in the QA process?

Underscoring all QA decisions is – of course – the issue of financial viability. However, in recent years, the obsession with the balance sheet seems, in some cases, to have caused divide over who is – or should be – making the decisions when it comes to QA and Localisation. Many are now seeing p ...

Op-Ed: Why Game QA Matters

Whenever we gather at this event to discuss the issue of quality assurance in the gaming industry, we frequently focus on the "how" of improvement - how to be more efficient, how to decrease costs, and

Buff Your Localisation in 5 Levels

The global games market is expanding rapidly making localisation a key opportunity for publishers now more than ever. Ahead of the 5th Annual Game QA & Localisation Forum, Gaming IQ spoke to Dario Quandamstefano, Localisation Manager at Berlin-based mobile & social ga ...

QA Case Study: Lessons Learned from the Story of Overwatch

“What?! How did you manage that?!” These were the sort of remarks made by the audience at Blizzard’s short intro to QA on Overwatch at last year’s Game QA & Localization Europe conference in Barcelona, at a casual comment that QA had veto power over level design. Here we get a sneak-peak into the ...

Gamers INC! When the Public Black Box Test Games

Black box testing is where the tester plays the full build of a game but is unaware of the coding mechanics, implantation and content. In this article, we focus on the impact of the gaming public reporting on bugs during game releases, beta opt-ins and demos. It is an important issue which ...

How Virtual Reality has changed the games testing environment: Pole to Win explores

The development of Virtual Reality hardware, and associated games, has shaken up quality assurance testing organizations. Testers must overcome various challenges in order to create a high functioning testing environment that is beneficial to both testing staff and to game devel ...

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How QA and community management is redefining the game developer

Ahead of Game Quality Forum Europe, Advisory Board member and InnoGames QA expert Joseph Hill discusses thechanging world of testing

What are core changes to make games QA a success?

Over the years Testronic has grown to become a successful company in the field of Quality Assurance across movies, games and TV. And a considerable part of this is the Games QA team which works with a variety of games publishers and developers from around the globe.

What are the key vendor partnership wins?

At Testronic we believe that it should be the goal for a QA vendor to establish a partnership with their clients. But what are the benefits of such an effort? Why not simply remain on a level of service provider?

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2019 Attendee List

Who will you be joining at Game Quality Forum Global?As part of the global community, we will be welcoming over 150 attendees across the 3-conference days to network, share and learn at the only forum dedicated to game quality.Join us for sessions with speakers including:Alexander Andelkovic, Senior Agile Testing Lead,...