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The tangible benefits of Customer Support and Community Management

In the gaming industry, the player base is famous for being unique and requiring high maintenance, in return for loyalty and maximum advocacy to a company. We wanted to know more about how Customer Support and Community Management matter for a company and especially for game quality. 

With the help of Jeffrey Otterspoor, Director of Community Operations at GamePoint and speaker at Game Quality Forum Europe 2018, we found the answer in 5 chapters.

2018 Sponsorship Agenda

2018 Sponsorship Agenda

Take a look at the 2018 agenda to find out more about the speakers, attendees and sponsorship opportunities available 

How QA and community management is redefining the game developer

Ahead of Game Quality Forum Europe, Advisory Board member and InnoGames QA expert Joseph Hill discusses thechanging world of testing

What are core changes to make games QA a success?

Over the years Testronic has grown to become a successful company in the field of Quality Assurance across movies, games and TV. And a considerable part of this is the Games QA team which works with a variety of games publishers and developers from around the globe.

What are the key vendor partnership wins?

At Testronic we believe that it should be the goal for a QA vendor to establish a partnership with their clients. But what are the benefits of such an effort? Why not simply remain on a level of service provider?