The 2019 Game Quality Forum Post-Show Report

The 2019 Game Quality Forum Post-Show Report

Video games today have reach an international audience, with each region offering varied and unique requirements. To ensure we are consistently exceeding player expectations and making sure quality is emphasised throughout, it is critical each function is communicated openly to both welcome and retain existing players.

In light of this, Technology IQ have created a post-show report highlighting the most up-to-date technological solutions and exciting takeaways from the 2019 Game Quality Forum.

Download the full report now >>

Other benefits of downloading the full report:

  • Explore the greatest area of opportunity within the development and release lifecycle
  • A summary of the key challenges in 2020 and the changes that need to be implemented across the industry in order to meet these challenges
  • Key takeaways from the 2019 event
  • What does the future hold for the Game Quality Forum – an overview of the 2020 event

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