Doncho Angelov

Director - Development Services SEGA


Saturday, March 6th, 2021


·         Our Leads: the people, who fuel up an organization's projects by being both technically sane and effective contributors, and also leading their small team. This first level leadership, which is critical to the success of every organization.
·         The people who probably somewhere in their career mentioned: "...but I don't want to manage!", but still decided to take the road. And after that excelled not only as such but as a true leader of their team.
·         Should we hire our leads from outside our organization? Do we spot them within our teams, and help them to make the step towards excelling into authentic leadership? What're the essential caveats of this so critical role for any business, but especially software development? How to see these qualities, even when we interview for pure, technical positions? Do we find these among our candidates?
·         How to become one of these people? What should you do if you'd like to make the first step into a leadership career?
·         What are the most common mistakes, which we all made? And how to avoid them?
·         In this presentation, with the help of approximately fifteen years of technical leadership and management on many levels, we'll walk through the challenges met, the mistakes made, and the lessons learned.
·         If you're a professional, who's struggling to find the right leads for your organization, you may find valuable knowledge here.

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