The team at Gaming IQ is proud to announce the return of the Game Quality Forum to Amsterdam this year, reformulated into the inaugural Game Quality Forum Global. We are bringing together industry leaders from around the world to discuss all aspects of the quality lifecycle, from development, to release, to live support.

Development of our favorite releases has increasingly become internationalised, as large teams across multiple continents work on the same releases. As such, to ensure quality is emphasised in such a system requires all members to recognize the synergy that must exist between each role. To ensure we are consistently exceeding player expectations, it is critical each function is communicating openly to work together to both retain existing, and welcome new players.

As we enter the eight year of the Game Quality Forum, it’s important we recognise the wonderfully supportive community that has been with us from the outset, that have helped to build and enrich our conference. We also continue to welcome many new members to the quality community, who come ready to share their deep experiences and insights, helping enrich our growing community. This June, we look forward to welcoming everyone, both old and new, to Amsterdam.

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