Creating World-Leading Digital Services Through Disruptive Innovation, Data-Driven Personalization & Cultural Transformation

“Australia has set its vision to become one of the top three countries in the world for digital government”

With the Digital Transformation Agency setting a vision and roadmap for Australian Government services to get recognized as the world’s best government services provider by 2025, government departments have set the ball rolling on a long term transformation agenda.

While most are at varied stages in their transformation roadmap, they all are united by a couple of challenges in this journey:

-How do we create a One-Government experience across Federal, State & local governments 

-What’s the best way to plan and deliver a sustainable transformation agenda in a legacy environment?

With that in mind, we bring you the inaugural The Gov2025 Summit. By aligning closely with the 2025 vision, this is your one-stop-shop to work with pioneers and thought leaders from government agencies across Australia to re-think your internal toolings, technology and culture and stay on top of emerging trends.

Don’t miss out and I look forward to meeting you in September!

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Reasons to Attend:

Your A-Z Guide to Stay At The Forefront of Digital Change - From understanding the impact of emerging technologies to minimizing disruption in your digital transformation and execution

4 New Streams to investigate the threats and opportunities of disruption:

  • Product and Service Design, Experience and Engagement
  • Lean, Agile and Cultural Transformation
  • Technology Strategy, Security and Cloud
  • Data Strategy and Innovation

100% Case Study Based Agenda - for you to focus on delivering the benefits that meet the expectations of Australian people and businesses

Featuring Case Studies…

Rethinking Staff Tools & Capabilities To Improve CX Delivery

The NSW Department of Industry share their 4 year internal transformation roadmap to equip staff with cutting edge tools to deliver great citizen services

Driving Service Innovation Through Cross Department Collaboration

Learn about how the NSW Department of Education and OneGov co-funded the development of Chatbots to provide personalized services that remove complex layers of government

Re-Design Your Government with Digital Skills and Capabilities

Hear about Service NSW’s transformation into an agile agency that delivers over 100 services quicker, smarter and better

Leveraging Open Data And A “No Regrets” Innovation Culture

Transport NSW share their approach to tackling digital disruption through a “fail-fast” culture & experiments with open data, machine learning and IOT


Chief/GM/Head/Manager of:

  • Digital – Strategy/Operations/ Transformation
  • Innovation - Strategy & Innovation/Digital
  • Architecture – Strategy/IT/Enterprise Architecture
  • Experience, Engagement – Citizen/Digital/Customer/Product
  • Services – IT/Technology/Digital/Information/Citizen


  • Federal Departments - ATO, DHS, Department of Communications
  • State Departments - ServiceFirst, Dept of Premier and Cabinet
  • Health - Department of Health NSW, Dept of Health VIC
  • Government Utilities
  • Insurance & Super
  • Regulatory Departments & Authorities
  • Local - City of Sydney, Gold Coast City Council .