Learn How to Use Service Design Effectively and Re-engineering End-to-End Process to Become Customer Centric

The public sector within Australia is undergoing immense change, with the collaboration of multiple departments joining together and becoming a unified public body.


With the Digital Transformation Agency in the process of reviewing public sector departments, helping them to communicate more effectively and improve citizen services, we’ve noticed the need to prioritize citizens to provide a successful and seamless experience


The 3rd Annual Government Service Design Summit 2019 will provide the sector with the opportunity to come together to explore benchmark frameworks and strategies that cover both outcome based projects and future driven initiatives.


This summit will highlight how all government sectors can improve their citizen service.


This will be done through conversation where you will learn how capturing both the positive and negative feedback of end-users when they arise, and pinpointing the reasons behind them, will improve processes and build on trust.


  • Designing service design channels with a customer focus to ensure accessibility, simplicity, and efficiency
  • Utilising digital processes and integrating technology to enable improved service delivery and meet the expectations of today’s citizens
  • Ensuring a sustainable multidisciplinary team that provides agile customer-centric services

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