View 2019 Government Service Design Event Guide

The 3rd Annual Government Service Design Summit is set to return this year between 31st July and 1st August 2019 in Sydney, now co-Located with the Digital Citizen Services Summit 2019.

What's new this year?

  1. Explore the Large-Scale Service Design Transformation at the NSW Department of Education which will enable Tailored Services Through An Innovative Model That Utilises Customer Needs And Data 

  2. Learn how the Department of Transport WA Reduced Customer Forms by 40% through Modern Interior Service Design, Improved Customer Service, and Technology Integration

  3. The ACT Government on releasing a Human-Centered Design App that Relieves Parking Access in the Community Using Machine Learning and AI

  4. Investigate how the City of Perth Re-Designed Their Services Through Agile Technology Integration and a Strong Focus on Staff Culture and Change Management

  5. How Transport for NSW Improved the Efficiency and Experience of NSW Commuters Through a Design Improvement Project That Enabled Contactless Payments

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