Learn How to Use Service Design Effectively and Re-engineering End-to-End Process to Become Customer Centric

The Australian Digital Council agreed late 2018 that “there is urgent need to improve collaboration between jurisdictions”. On top of this, the Digital Transformation Agency is still in the process of reviewing Public Sector departments and agencies after releasing the Digital Service Standard was in 2016.

With pressure internally, and rising expectations in the community, the Government is actively seeking out effective service design best practices and progressing to create a more integrated and cohesive customer experience from every channel of service delivery.

The 3rd Annual Government Service Design Summit 2019 will provide the sector with the opportunity to come together to explore benchmark frameworks and strategies that cover both outcome based projects and future driven initiatives.


  • Designing service design channels with a customer focus to ensure accessibility, simplicity, and efficiency
  • Utilising digital processes and integrating technology to enable improved service delivery and meet the expectations of today’s citizens
  • Ensuring a sustainable multidisciplinary team that provides agile customer-centric services

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