Whitepaper: Working Capital powered by DEMICA

Whitepaper: Working Capital powered by DEMICA

Demica specialises in world-class technology to offer independent, end-to-end, working capital solutions across 135 countries worldwide.

Demica is unique in the market, with one platform covering the spectrum of working capital products from Supply Chain Finance to Trade Receivable Securitisation to multinational corporates and banks. With innovative, world-class technology and financial expertise, Demica can access deep pools of capital to efficiently deliver $30m - $750m+ programmes for clients around the world. 

Demica’s technology platform can automate complex, high volume programmes and release billions of dollars of trapped working capital to increase profitability and improve financial metrics. The platform supports multiple types of Supply Chain Finance solutions with a proprietary onboarding tool enabling swift international deployed solutions. Furthermore, it supports traditional Trade Receivables Financing with extensive reporting capabilities on invoice discounting transactions and complex, highly granular, Trade Receivables Securitisation. 

Demica’s platform currently enables the financing of over $90bn of payables and receivables each year. The platform works presently in partnership over 50 banks and institutional funders to fund programmes for clients across 135 countries in Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia.

Demica is the proud winner of the BCR Receivables Finance Award for Supply Chain Finance Provider of the Year (Non-Bank) in 2018. Its state-of-the-art platform incorporates feature-rich, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that provide its customers confidence in Demica’s solutions.

Demica’s solutions are continuously evolving to meet the needs of clients. In June, Demica launched FCIreverse, a buyer-centric payables finance platform created in partnership with FCI, the global representative body for factoring and financing trade receivables. This recent product development has been designed to enable banks to fund their client’s entire multinational supply chains.

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