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Healthcare Giant Secures 10,000 Devices, Protects the Enterprise

Aetna offers both BYOD and COPE platforms across its enterprise, and with that comes the potential for serious mobile security vulnerabilities. See how the insurance giant took ownership of protecting its enterprise.

Apps Becoming Biggest Driver of Mobility in Healthcare

Some industries are going mobile-first thanks to a range of hardware choices on the market. In healthcare, however, apps are driving how medical professionals, healthcare networks, and patients alike are delivering and receiving coverage.

Mobile Data's Impact On Healthcare

Data is no longer just about numbers, but patterns and information that can better business. In the healthcare industry, that data and how it’s analyzed could make the difference between life and death, literally.

First-Ever Doctor-to-Patient App Aims To Make Healthcare More Efficient

Creating secure and compliant means of technology-based communication in the healthcare industry is a daunting task, if not near impossible. But one company has jumped that hurdle, designing and now deploying the first-ever mobile app that allows doctors and patients to meet remotely.

The Business of Secure Messaging Breaking into Business

With large networks and ecosystems all operating within the same realm, healthcare is fertile ground for group messaging apps. Communication is key in the medical industry, and securely discussing issues that are compliant with HIPAA regulations through mobile technology is a growing resource.

Fast Facts: Value of IoT in Healthcare To Quadruple

The intersection of IoT and healthcare is quickly becoming a busy one, as the industry and IT verticals begin to converge and empower an already tech-heavy market. The IoT in Healthcare market value is expected to nearly quadruple between 2017 and 2022.

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Hacks & Attacks Grow Quickly As mHealth Expands

Why do hackers have a bull's eye on the healthcare industry? Because confidential medical information and data comes with a heavy price tag, and is 50 times more valuable on the black market than financial information. What's your enterprise doing to remain secure?