Creating an energy-efficient environment using advanced and energy-saving HVAC systems

The Kuwait HVAC-R Contracting Conference taking place from 30 September – 1 October 2018 in Kuwait, will bring together regulators, research institutes, MEP contractors, consultants and developers to discuss the new MEW Code of 2018 and discuss the latest trends and technologies available for the HVAC community for their existing and upcoming projects.

Officially supported by Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water, join leading stakeholders from Kuwait’s HVAC community as they come to discuss the new regulations and objectives of MEW in reaching the Kuwait Energy Vision of 2030.

Driving energy efficiency is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in Kuwait. The Kuwait HVAC-R Contracting Conference is taking place at the right time because:

  • MEW regulations and energy conservation code to be updated in 2018
  • Air conditioners consume 70% of the power in Kuwait
  • An average Kuwaiti uses 22 times more resources than the country provides per person, making it one of the highest per capita energy consumption in the world
  • Electricity in Kuwait is charged at two fils per kWh, which is the fraction of the 38 fils it costs to produce because of its heavily subsidised costs of electricity
  • Increasing cooling and air conditioning requirements due to the massive infrastructure, housing, offshore, oil production boom in Kuwait

Join The Ministry of Electricity and Water Kuwait (MEW) and other key organisations as they aim to enhance energy efficiency rate in the State of Kuwait by deploying advanced HVAC equipment and systems. Brainstorm, discuss and rub shoulders with the leading stakeholders from the HVAC community in Kuwait at the conference.

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Top reasons to attend


Learn the latest code and regulations surrounding energy conversation from MEW


Understand and develop competencies on building designs, peak load factors and energy saving


Gain insights on how to drive energy efficiency across the entire HVAC life cycle


Integrate legacy systems with latest technologies of IoT and smart chillers and A/Cs


Discuss latest advancements and concepts surrounding sustainability and green energy


Rub shoulders with regulators, solution providers, contractors and the rest of the HVAC community

Who should attend?

The Kuwait HVAC Conference brings together:

  • Heads of HVAC
  • Directors from Ministries of Energy, Housing and Environment
  • Heads of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)
  • Heads of Contracts, Estimation and Procurement
  • Heads of Maintenance
  • Heads of Facilities
  • Heads of Construction
  • Heads of Infrastructure Planning
  • Heads of Mechanical Engineering sustainability
  • Heads of Materials
  • Heads of Environment
  • Heads of Residential Property
  • Heads of Commercial Property

From the following industries:

  • Government Organisations
  • MEP Contractors
  • HVAC System Providers
  • HVAC Service Providers
  • Engineering and Design Consultancy Organizations
  • Architectural Firms
  • Property Developers
  • Research Organisations

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