01 - 02 October, 2019 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Site Tour & Workshops: Monday, 30 September 2019


11:00 am - 1:30 pm Securing Your Digital Twin Technology Against Safety Threats

With the technology behind digital twins expanding to include buildings, smart cities and largescale control systems, understanding the cyber risks involved in safeguarding this technology can revolve strongly around securing data within the cloud.

With 62% of organisations implementing IoT either using or establishing digital twins, Ernest Foo, Associate Professor from Griffith University, will deliver an in-depth discussion for all ICS and IT practitioners either involved or considering implementing digital twins for their control systems.

This workshop will discuss the idea behind digital twin technology, as well as the security threats that are involved in its creation. From there he will discuss the resulting challenges if these digital technologies are unable to remain secure.

Key takeaways within this 2.5 hour workshop include:
  • Understanding the potential security measures you would need to implement to secure your digital twin technology against cyber breaches
  • Determining how to mirror and diagnose problems within your control system through a fully digital simulation
  • Picking a defensible framework that aligns with appropriate controls catalog based on scalable processes

Ernest Foo, Associate Professor at Griffith University

Ernest Foo

Associate Professor
Griffith University


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Understanding How To Communicate Cyber Risk To Your Business To Boost Cyber Funding

To ensure cyber security is recognised from both a business and board perspective, it is important to implement the different communication strategies needed that will allow you to effectively translate threats to the broader business.

Barclays’ Director of Cyber & Information Security, Theo Nassiokas, will guide you through an approach to deliver a coherent business case that can be implemented across all industries. Called the Advanced Measurement Approach, this will ensure the security risks communicated to the board are done in a language they will recognise.

Theo is a trained intelligence officer with a breadth of experience in the police force, security and banking. This workshop will guide leaders in the IT and OT space on a step by step process on ways to build an effective business case. Segmenting it into the language you use to demonstrate risk to your business, and the language needed to demonstrate risk to your board, this can assist in your potential to increase cyber funding for critical infrastructure.

  • Utilising data to measure cyber risks
  • Quantifying cyber risk to the larger business in a language they understand
  • Taking into account cyber insurance considerations

Theo Nassiokas, Director, APAC Cyber & Information Security at Barclays

Theo Nassiokas

Director, APAC Cyber & Information Security