01 - 02 October, 2019 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

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The ICS Security Summit 2019 returns with fresh perspectives on on how Australia’s OT departments can implement new ways of securing their critical infrastructure.Key Case Studies:

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Top Tips: How to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Control System Threats

With IT and OT converging as operations become increasingly more interconnected, there is an overarching business and technological need for complete visibility, security and compliance mostly because just one attack could shake customer faith, shareholder confidence and ultimately put the organisation at risk. Ahead of the ICS Security Summit 2018...

How Three Australian Organisations are Protecting Critical Industrial Infrastructure from Threats through Effective Risk Resilience, Response and Management

Like every system that is networked to the Internet, industrial control systems must be properly secured. The problem is that industry control systems security is often overlooked because it is tied to mission critical systems and infrastructure. As such, disruptions are often avoided, which includes taking these systems down for...

Report: 2019 State of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey

Ahead of the ICS Security Summit 2019 we share the 2019 SANS OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey, which explores the challenges involved with design, operation and risk management of an industrial control system (ICS), its cyber assets and communication protocols, and supporting operations.This year, SANS focused more broadly on the operational technology...

Building an Industrial Immune System: Harnessing Machine Learning for Threat Monitoring in ICS Security

While cyber security has been around for a long time, it is becoming increasingly more sophisticated in the way the attack vectors are being put together, posing greater risk to all industrial control systems, regardless of whether they be utilities, transport or otherwise. With IT and OT converging as operations...


Increasing Security Awareness and Safeguards within ICS and SCADA Systems to Maximise Cyber Resilience

Ahead of the ICS Security Summit 2018 we take a look at this exclusive presentation from Elena Sitnikova, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Research Leader at the Australian Centre for Cyber Security. Elena Explores; How to encourage security awareness and safeguards to ensure a long-term strategic approachEstablishing a proactive approach within executive...

How South East Water is Building Solutions Based on IT/OT Systems to Deliver Value and Efficiencies to the Business

Ahead of the ICS Security Summit 2018 we take a look at this exclusive presentation from Tushar Tikkoo, SCADA Manager at South East Water. Tushar explores;Understanding the different types of business systems that SCADA can interface with such as Works Management and VMSEncouraging OT teams to work alongside IT productively...

ICS Security Summit 2019 - - Presentation Pack

Download the highest rated presentations from last year's ICS Security Summit. Featuring insights from the Australian Cyber Security Centre, SA Water and Queensland University of Technology