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View the 2-day agenda: Kuwait Roads, Bridges and Highways Summit

At the 3rd edition of the Kuwait Roads, Bridges and Highways Summit, we are ...

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Project Report: Key Road, Bridge and Highway Projects in Kuwait

With Kuwait’s Strategic Road Network Plan valued at over US$14 billion, we’ve put together an exclusive report which will give you detailed insights into the road, bridge and highways projects in the pipeline along with details on project value, stakeholders involved and project details. Download your copy now.

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Delegate Registration Form - -Kuwait Roads, Bridges and Highways 2019

Want to fast-track your registration? It's easy - all you need to do is download the registration form, fill in your details and send it to for immediate confirmation.

See who's attending Kuwait Roads, Bridges & Highways Summit

Being the premier gathering of leading stakeholders working on road, bridge and highway infrastructure projects in Kuwait, we’ve confirmed delegations from leading government entities, public works departments, consultants and contractors working on these billion-dollar road transport network projects in the country.Download the attendee snapshot now and get an overview of...