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Inland Rail: Optimising Australia’s Freight Rail Network and Meeting Future Economic Need

Ahead of Australia’s first Inland Rail Summit 2018 we explore this massive new project and delve into the project management and engagement strategies being utilised to deliver the masses of proposed economic and social advantages for Australian towns and cities.

Exploring Pacific National’s New $35m Intermodal Terminal at Parkes

Ahead of the Inland Rail Summit 2018 we chat to Richard Johnstone, Business Improvement Manager at Pacific National, and Director of the Parkes Intermodal Project. In this Q&A Richard shares details of the new terminal and what it will mean for Australia’s economy and further delves into the stakeholder engagement strategies being leveraged to ensure seamless project delivery. 

Supporting and Delivering Australia’s Once-in-a-Generation Inland Rail to Deliver Future Economic Growth

Ahead of the Inland Rail Summit 2018 we chat to Melita Lanigan-King, Director of Regional and Industry Benefits for Inland Rail at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Melita, whose role as a Director in the Inland Rail and Rail Policy Division helps develop strategic framework and motivate and lead the team to work across governments, local communities and industry to ensure that regions, and the people that live in them, reap the benefits of significant investment in the Inland Rail project.

In this article Melita chats to us about the Inland Rail project and the Australian Government’s expectations for 2018, and further delves into the economic benefits and opportunities the project will provide for farmers, miners and our nation’s underdeveloped rural areas.