Hear the latest news and media on Microgrids and Distributed Energy

Hear the latest news and media on Microgrids and Distributed Energy. Championing a future of off-grid, smart and intelligent energy future in Western Australia. Read now.

Western Australia “uniquely” placed to be microgrid superpower, says report

By: Sophie Verrath, Editor @ One Step off the Grid

Western Australia has the potential to become a global leader in renewable energy microgrid development and export, a new report has found, but only with the right policy support and regulatory settings. The comprehensive 239-page report was delivered ...

ABB Proud Sponsor of The International Microgrid Event 2020

By: #internationalmicrogrids

We’re delighted to welcome event sponsor ABB to The International Microgrid Event. ABB is a pioneer in energy management and optimization who will join the discussion on the evolving global energy ecosystem.

Western Australia's largest battery on the way to Kalbarri microgrid

By: Blake Matich

Western Australia’s (WA) publicly-owned grid operator, Western Power, has announced its largest battery is on its way to Kalbarri. The battery, the biggest utility-scale battery ever to be connected to the Western grid network, departed from Perth today on its way north to the laid-back coastal town.

Reforms proposed to protect off-grid customers

By: Eliza Booth

A new report released by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) on 31 October has proposed reforms to help protect consumers who choose to go off-grid, making the process safer and more reliable.

What Is a Microgrid Today?

By: Gwen Holdmann, Peter Asmus

The term “microgrid” means different things to different stakeholders. Depending upon whether one is a customer, solution provider, regulator, utility representative, or academic researcher, precisely defining the term “microgrid” may or may not matter. For the end-use customer or solutions provider, providing a label for a specific solution is, in many cases, irrelevant. As long as the distributed energy resource (DER) project serves the needs of the client, what label one attaches to the solution is no longer important.

WA to have the world’s largest microgrid network

By: Start Up News

WA is carving out a global footprint in the renewable energy space with Perth announced as the base of a world-first organisation to accelerate the global development of the microgrid sector…

Five Things to Know About Microgrids

By: Julie Cart, CALmatters

More than 1 million Californians were left in the dark for days recently as their big utility companies shut off power for fear of sparking wildfires. Frustrated by those outages, some homeowners say they’d like to turn their backs on the companies in favor of smaller providers who might do a better job of keeping the lights on. 

What is Better? Wind & Solar Farms Or Localised Power Generation?

By: Terry Mohn, Chair of International Microgrid Association

Across the globe, the energy industry is witnessing increased penetration of distributed generation resources, such as rooftop solar PV, energy storage, and microgrids – which are small-scale versions of a centralised electricity system.

Can CleanStart-DERMS Pioneer a New Approach to Distributed Energy Resources?

By: Gordon Feller

Innovators are working to develop the next generation of technology to address what’s known as a "black start": restoring power without the support of the external grid. The CleanStart-DERMS project involves building a restoration solution which leverages 100% of distributed energy resources (DER). The CleanStart-DERMS is focused on integration of the distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) with a key utility partner, the U.S.-based City of Riverside Public Utilities