The Right Climate: Why The Time is Now for Energy Decentralisation in Australia

The Right Climate: Why The Time is Now for Energy Decentralisation in Australia

View our in-depth interview with Terry Mohn, Chairman, of the International Microgrid Association to discover the opportunities and challenges facings microgrid development in Australia. 

The interview is featured ahead of the inaugural International Microgrid Event, set to take place on the 31st March - 3 April 2020, at the Optus Stadium, Perth, Western Australia. 

With bushfire haze hanging over most of the Eastern seaboard pushing air quality to dangerous levels and storm season just around the corner, Australian energy providers face a summer of challenging weather related issues that can leave customers in the dark and lead to costly infrastructure restoration costs.

With much of modern life – everything from banking to communications, healthcare and transport reliant on energy, whether electricity, gas or otherwise, the prospect of prolonged outages becomes much more than a mere inconvenience.   

Bushfires and other extreme weather events are becoming more common. More people are moving to areas which are either close to the bush, or in coastal towns serviced by long powerlines which go through national parks and state forests. And while there is a case for short periods of pre-emptive de-energisation in extreme circumstances to prevent far worse consequences, currently only one Australian utility, SA Power Networks, has this authority. 

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