Allan O'Connor

Assistant Director of Energy Efficiency, Environmental Resource Management & Sustainability Australian Department of Defence

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

12:40 PM Meet the Buyers: The Opportunities Offered by the Decentralisation of the Electricity Sector and the Growth of Microgrids

This panel will bring together microgrid consumers, external to the energy industry, to share how they are experimenting with the decentralised grid and leveraging DER and microgrids to respond to environmental, financial and customer centred demands.

  • Renewable targets and changing customer expectations
  • Financial investment in microgrids and expected gains
  • The value of reliability and resilience

4:40 PM How the Department of Defence are Looking to Microgrids to Support to Their Capability Across a Potential 300 Major Sites

The Department of Defence have identified that microgrids can offer increased energy reliability and resilience to their sites - important in instances where the main grid is attacked or fails; or where fuel supply chains may be compromised. However, microgrids bring their own inherent risks which must be considered. In this session, the Defence will share the work they are doing to explore microgrid applications across their vast estate and the benefits they can offer across 300 locations and over 26,000 buildings.

  • Improving the security, reliability and resilience of our energy systems
  • Security: understanding the risks and vulnerabilities of microgrids
  • Defence‚Äôs long-term goals for the application of microgrids

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Allan.

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