Mark McGranaghan

Vice President of Integrated Grid Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

2:40 PM EPRI: The Functional Requirements of Microgrid Controllers to Ensure Optimal Power Supply

EPRI as a research institute have a wealth of expertise in the technical functionality of Microgrids and in this session will examine use cases and the associated requirements for the microgrid controller functions.

  • Coordination of local generation, loads and storage
  • Optimizing local conditions based on prices, priorities, control signals and power quality
  • Monitoring of conditions on the supply system and within the microgrid
  • Providing flexibility services to the supply system
  • Disconnection and local management in isolated mode
  • Synchronizing with the distribution system in connected mode

3:40 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: How Can Advanced Energy Storage Technologies be Optimised within a Microgrid to to Enable Renewable, Reliable Energy Supply?

Energy experts are generating new knowledge in storage technology manufacturing, control and management to ensure the reliability of energy supply in a Microgrid and to enable to rely increasingly on zero carbon energy supply. This panel will include discussion on such advancements in energy storage.

  • Solar photovoltaics, energy storage and hydrogen in supporting a growing, zerocarbon economy
  • Developing advanced energy storage technologies, including printed batteries, structural supercapacitors, innovated fuel cells & power-to-gas systems
  • Integrating storage solutions with existing energy networks
  • Applications using novel storage monitoring, control and optimization technologies
  • Forward planning on minerals and materials to ensure a viable battery industry which supports a renewable energy future

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