Unlocking The Future Of Energy Through Business Model Transformation, Digitalisation And Decarbonisation Of The Energy Industry

31 March - 02 April, 2020 | Perth, Western Australia

The International Microgrid Event 2020

Organised by IQPC Australia and in Partnership with The International Microgrid Association

The IMA’s vision is to unite organisations who are committed to building global microgrid capability by integrating emerging energy and information technologies to generate, distribute, and consume energy more efficiently, cleanly, and cost-effectively.

Sharing this vision with the IMA, IQPC Australia are proud to announce the launch of the exciting International Microgrid Event, an event that will champion a decentralised energy future through microgrids.

Shaping the Future of Intelligent Distributed Energy

Power grids all over the world are being increasingly challenged by weather events, cyber threats and the rapid growth of distributed energy resources (DERs). Grid operators are realising the role microgrids can play in improving resiliency, reliability and efficiency.

Microgrids must seamlessly orchestrate hybrid central energy resources with DERs, while maintaining grid security and safety. However, advanced microgrids have many challenges ahead as operating in parallel with utility distribution systems and seamlessly transitioning to ‘island’ mode is just the beginning…

This event will explore the global transition towards utility optimisation and electrification through advanced microgrids. Leaders from across the globe will come together to assess the evolution of the industry and the new challenges which have arisen. From utilities to regulators to government agencies, a cross industry perspective on how to leverage the opportunities offered by microgrids will be provided through panels, workshops, case studies and debates.

What’s in store for 2020…


  • Microgrid business model metrics and value propositions
  • DERs’ value proposition – ‘Then vs Now vs Future’
  • Curating interoperability standards for the grid and connected devices


  • Advanced microgrids as enablers of grid resilience, DER and the IoT
  • Engaging the market for funding, financing, investment and entrepreneurship
  • Exploring the role of hydrogen and battery storage in energy market of the future


  • New innovations in monetising the aggregation of DER resources
  • Enhancing macrogrid resiliency and cybersecurity through microgrids
  • Data, AI and machine learning for optimising strategic deliverables


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