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Global demand for intellectual property tools shows no sign of abating, with increased prominence from Asian markets, notably China, Japan and Korea, with internal innovators and foreign entities seeking to protect and promote their work the world over. However, it’s not just the more established players making waves nowadays. As WIPO’s Global Innovation Index points out, “a group of middle and lower-income economies perform significantly better on innovation than their level of development would predict”, with continual YoY developments coming from the likes of Iran, Mexico, Kenya, Vietnam and Rwanda, to name but a few.

IP World provides the opportunity to network with senior IP professionals from across the Globe, and from global corporates across the high tech, telecoms, software, pharmaceutical, retail, FMCG, online and oil & gas industries. They are looking to enhance their IP portfolios, ensuring that they extract the maximum commercial potential, and will be sharing their specific challenges at the IP World Summit.


Chiefs, SVPs, VPs/Directors/Heads of:

  •  Intellectual Property
  •  Licensing
  •  Trademarks
  • IP Strategy                                               

  • IP Analytics 
  •  Legal and Compliance
  •  Litigation
  •  IP Monetisation

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What our attendees have said over the years: 

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Innovative Format

In 2019, we will be bringing all new means of discussing the challenges we face, including live polling, open floor debates, workshops, scenario roundtables, and more, each designed to provide more opportunities to listen to your peers’ perspectives and voice your views in these lively discussions!


Industry 4.0 and Beyond

IP has increasingly become a key influence on a companies’ value, business strategy and product management. With the state of increased data liquidity and access, learn best practices to mitigate risk to your IP, whilst also how you can share and collaborate with peers to design and develop products and services of the future.


IP Strategy and Risk Aversion

Join a range of closed-room discussions on how to help reduce risk of patent litigation, and ensuring a fool-proof and strategic strategy for your portfolios. When should we consider trade secrets over patenting? Why should you move to align business and IP strategy? And how can we ensure adequate protection for our intellectual assets?


Topic Variety and Interactivity

With a selection of roundtables and session specific to patenting, IP, brand protection, or whether you wish to hear from another industry make the choice between joining streams and discussions that hone in on your own industry, or mix it up by joining something new!