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April 29 - May 01, 2020 | Austin, Texas

The 2020 State of IT (SM)

The 2020 State of IT (SM)

In light of IT Financial Management Week, April 29 - May 1, our team took a look at the trends driving increased budgets for technology and other IT spending. After reviewing how businesses are anticipated to spend their budgets in 2020, we found that these impacts are providing a huge opportunity for solution providers in the IT and financial management space. This is a time for providers of IT financial management platforms, cost allocation tools, project management software, and advisories to take advantage of a niche space as companies continue to invest upgrading their IT infrastructure. Access The 2020 State of IT infographic for:

  • Trends driving increased IT budgets
  • Future growth of technology in the workplace
  • Statistics of anticipated market growth
  • and more!

Access The 2020 State of IT infographic, or request a copy via email.

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