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April 29 - May 01, 2020 | South Carolina

Craig Hollenbeck

Founding Partner, Principal Consultant Proven IT Finance

For over a decade, Craig Hollenbeck has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations to clarify what they want from IT Financial Management (ITFM) — and then helped them get it. He believes that the best solutions to organizational challenges are those crafted to match the unique DNA of the organization. Craig has dedicated his career to implementing pragmatic ITFM solutions based on a proven methodology cemented in best practices. This means that Craig's focus is on what the organization can accomplish given its situation, competency, and objective. Craig's tenet is that any organization's successful ITFM strategy requires a proven methodology to establishing the foundational attributes within the enterprise's financial and operational ecosystem. Through stakeholder reporting, education, and decisioning he enables actions that serve short-term, long-term, and transformational goals. Craig goes beyond the theory of ITFM by also delivering a step-by-step approach to enabling a tailored solution, and being there with the client throughout its design, development, and maturity. Craig helps organizations implement ITFM solutions to create dynamic organizational results that can deliver a competitive advantage to the entire enterprise.

Craig's clients include many Fortune 1000 companies (including several Fortune 10), states and municipalities, as well as partnerships with service providers within the ITFM industry. Whether starting a new ITFM capability or fine-tuning an existing practice, Craig has delivered tangible financial and organizational results to this wide-ranging client base.

Other Experience

Prior to co-founding Proven IT Finance, Craig was Director of IT Financial Management for a Fortune 100 company. There, he led all reporting, accounting, communication, and continuous improvement efforts for ITFM, managing a $1.2-billion IT organization. By integrating new ways of extracting value from the organization's financial and operational ecosystem, Craig delivered new ways of managing IT expense, drove 3–5% of proven annual IT efficiencies, and accomplished key conversations within the business. During his tenure, Craig developed tools and processes that were appraised by two independent consultative organizations as Best of Class.

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