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April 29 - May 01, 2020 | South Carolina

William Miller

Founding Partner-Owner Proven IT Finance

William Miller has proven himself as one of the premier IT Financial Management gurus. With more than 15 years of IT Financial Management experience, he brings the distinctive perspective of IT savvy combined with financial insight. Leveraging this unique set of skills, he has helped dozens of IT organizations address the fundamental challenges of demonstrating their cost drivers, showing their business value, and aligning their strategic goals. Prior to founding Proven IT Finance, William worked as IT Controller for Nationwide Insurance, overseeing the planning, forecasting, and chargeback of more than one billion dollars in annual IT spend.

Representative Accomplishments

Leveraging his executive perspective and keen understanding of how decisions need to be made in regard to IT investments,Miller has created a governance and decision-making process that enables IT and business units to collaborate in business terms to determine the right level of IT investment. Integrating disparate IT organizations into a single managed portfolio creates strategic alignment and informed decisioning previously unattainable on a large scale.

With his exceptional perspective that combines businessunderstanding, financial acumen, and IT insight, Miller brings clarity to the fundamentalchallenges of transparency and IT value. Focusing on the concept of telling theIT story, Miller successfully translates IT’s technical success into easilyunderstood and communicated reports that business and finance can use to makebetter IT investment decisions. Understanding the value IT brings to theorganization drives the realization of IT as an asset, not an expense.

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