Bridging the Gap between Delivery Service and Customer Experience by Catering to New World of Buying Habits

ENDORSED BY: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (1/2 CPD point per session)

Online Event: 06 August, 2020
9:00 AM – 12:10 PM AEST

The age of coronavirus has seen home delivery services soar, with companies today adapting their business models to cater to a growing number of customer demands, including the need to guarantee faster delivery times and seamless service.
Today global e-commerce revenue is valued at $32.9 billion and supermarket spending in Australia alone seeing a 40% surge.
Despite this increase in revenue for online and ecommerce retailers, customer demands are shifting and the need to ensure fast and efficient home delivery has never been more important.

With businesses utilising everything from artificial intelligence to drones for faster and more efficient delivery, the industry is poised for a sweeping change that will be key to maintaining an overall customer experience model.  

This half-day Last Mile Delivery Summit will delve into the new strategies and solutions industry leaders are implementing within their logistics and supply chains to improve the end-to-end delivery of consumer goods. This will include everything from drones, partnerships with delivery services, to innovations in payment technologies.
Learn how to take your delivery service on the next wave of innovation!


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Learn how to leverage technology and data to understand consumer behaviours better

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Position your brand to deliver products through transparent and sustainable initiatives

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Work with new platforms such as social media labels to allow a fast delivery process

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Attract loyal and regular customers through the adaptation of a holistic end-to-end customer experience strategy

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Utilise new technologies to drive faster and more seamless delivery for urban and rural communities

½ a point will be awarded per session

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