Leveraging learning design to bridge academia and technology and improve student retention, success and employability

As online and distance learning continues to grow in popularity, the demand for instructional/learning designers will continue to increase. While learning design as a practice has been around for over 20 years, digital technology is causing the practices employed by the LDs to significantly change in terms of best learning designs & tools to employ based on differing course outcome. The role of learning designer is also evolving and being defined as it becomes clear they are strategically important to educational goals.

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Explore how MIT’s Unique Digital Learning Lab Model is Transforming Classroom and Online Learning

Hear about Victoria University’s Radical Rethink of Education With Deliberate Learning Design Principles to Significantly Improve Engagement and Results

Learn how Australian National University is Empowering Academics to Better Work Together with Learning Designers

How UTS is Transforming Postgraduate Learning: The Role of the Learning Design Team in Developing Future Proof Skills

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