11th Annual Coast and Marine Structures 2019

Maximising Trade Opportunities through Port Optimisation, Innovation and Whole of Life Asset Management Strategies

Trade in Australia is indicative of the way ports and marines are structured. Trade activity in 2018 rose by 5%, with growth predicted to increase further by 2019.

Rising trends in trade means ports across not only Australia but the entire international community will need to optimise their structures to cater to larger vessels, increased trade output and effective strategic planning. Along with this is the utilisation of simulated technology and drones that are assisting ports in their daily operations.

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What’s New in 2019

International studies on automation and simulation technology

Studies from port authorities and port owners, including the Department of Transport and Port Authority of NSW

15 new speakers for 2019

Workshop on asset management software

Featured Speakers

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Featured Case Studies

Managing assets to maintain pace with international trade markets

Future proofing structures by developing effective asset management skills

Optimising port operations to accommodate larger vessels

The ongoing design and maintenance of port infrastructure

The use of technology and automation in existing ports

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Who Will You Meet?

  • Asset Owners
  • General Managers of Infrastructure
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Project Directors
  • Marine/Coastal Engineers
  • Port Infrastructure Asset Mangers
  • Project Engineers
  • Infrastructure Delivery Managers
  • Design/Planning Managers
  • Maintenance Managers