Maximising Trade Opportunities through Future Proofing of Port Infrastructure and Whole of Life Asset Management Strategies

The 12th Annual Coast & Marine Structures Summit is coming up on 15-16th October as a 100% virtual event – Covid-19 prevented physical meetings but we want to make sure your learning and networking doesn’t! 

The event is designed specifically for Port Authorities, Operators, Owners, Engineers and Harbour Masters who are helping to transform the coast and marine landscape in Australia. Come together over a 2 day period to discuss some of the major transformation projects being undertaken in 2020 and beyond.



Existing Assets & Aging Infrastructure: Optimising Investment

Ports For The Future: Long Term Strategy & Trade

Sustainable Development: Overcoming Environmental Roadblocks And Volatile Conditions

Infrastructure That Lasts: Prevention And Protection

Leveraging Innovation In Technology, Data, and Equipment For Ongoing Operations