05 - 06 March, 2019 | The Park Hotel Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

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Coast and Marine Structures 2019 - View Final Event Guide

Welcome to our 11th Annual Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2019!The 11th Annual Coast and Marine Structures Summit is set to return in 2019 with a brand new speaker panel. We’re exciting about this a ...

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Driving Economic & Environmental Sustainability Through Successful Port Recovery

Ahead of the Coast & Marine Structures Summit, we chat with Kim Kelleher, Environment and Planning Manager at Lyttelton Port Company (LPC), who has more than 20 years’ experience in the ports industry. Kim will discuss how LPC are tack ...

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Indonesia Port Corporation: A Look at their $5 billion Tanjung Priok Port Redevelopment

Ahead of Coasts and Marine Structures 2017, we chat with David Wignall, Senior Vice President at the Indonesia Port Corporation. David discusses IPC’s multi-billion dollar port development project – the largest in Indonesia’s history, and looks at how IPC is working to future-proof their investment. Please allow for some time...

Retrofitting Aging Infrastructure to Increase Wharf Capacity

Ahead of Coasts and Marine Structures 2017, we chat with, Lieutenant Commander Robert Short, Naval Harbour Master at The Royal Australian Navy’s Port Jackson Fleet Base East. Robert discusses the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) plans to retrofit their existing wharf structures in order to increase capacity and accommodate larger vessels.

Robotic Automation of Marine Structure Maintenance

Especially in the sea, the relentless forces of entropy are ever at work, corroding, pitting, and wearing away. Shipping ports face the challenge of keeping natural processes in check and maintaining key infrastructure so that the flow of goods can be conducted reliably and profitably.Today, ports develop maintenance plans based...

How Technology is Transforming Strategic Port Planning

In this case study from Coast and Marine Structures 2016, Alice Zsembery, Senior Maritime & Port Planner at Mott MacDonald discusses how simulation technology is paving the way for effective system design and operational planning can be used as a way to improve end-to-end terminal performance over the long term.

Driving Economic Investment with a $1.64b Port Expansion Project

Ahead of the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2018, we explore the $1.64b Port of Townsville expansion project and delve into the economic benefits the infrastructure investment will have on not only Townsville, but on the entire Queensland region. 

Extending the Asset Lifecycle: Exploring Strategies and Tips from Three Major Projects

Ahead of the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2018 we explore the strategies and innovations asset owners and marine engineers at Queensland Sugar, Ausenco and Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal are utilising to future-proof their assets and extend lifecycle.

Exploring 5 key challenges impacting Australian Costal Ports: And innovative solutions to the problems

For an island nation like Australia, ports serve as the gateway to the global economy. The continuous growth of international trade and the forecasted increase in cruise ship operations in Australia has meant that a number of ports have undergone considerable capacity increases, at considerable cost. Check out our coast...

Past Presentations

Maximizing Port Operations at Container Terminals to Compete Internationally

Optimising resource utilizations and capacity handling by leveraging advanced technologiesMaximising efficient port operations to safely maintain current throughput and accommodate future growthBalancing security requirements and operational efficienciesDiscussing different modes of automated operation.Exploring how implementation of automating container terminal requires careful program management and interaction over the organisational boundaries.

Utilising Smart technologies for Effective Asset Management across the Maritime Industry

Exploring how modern technologies can save inspection timeUnderstanding the cost benefit analysis of adopting innovative inspection methodsDiscovering how modern technology can make marine structures more accessibleDiscussing the best approach to make future proof marine structuresExploring the latest innovations being used in the maintenance and management of assetsResponding to the evolving...

Development of Portarlington Harbour to Facilitate Growth in Aquaculture Industry and Tourism

Exploring the $2.75 million investment in ferry and boating infrastructure and wave protection works for Portarlington’s Safe HarbourExamining the tender and procurement process of the projectDiscussing the need for greater collaboration between stakeholdersExploring the installation of 110 meters of concrete pre-cast wave screen panels on the western side of the...

A front-line perspective on Fighting Corrosion in Marine Structures through Effective repairs and protection

How do port and coastal structures live and die? What are the chronic diseases such as concrete deterioration?What could be the catastrophic sudden death syndromes for Australian ports?What are the tensions between risks, extended life, and how might an owner indemnify against sudden death?Where does fatigue fit in?Can an untimely...

Asset Management of Equipment for Ports

In this presentation from Coasts & Marine Structures 2018 Richard Morgan, Principle and Auspec Engineering explores; Physical condition assesment  Compliance with regulations and standards Protection systems Change management

Sustainable Practices to Manage the Environmental Footprint

In this presentation from Coasts & Marine Structures 2018 Ryan Bennett, Senior Planning and Sustainability Manager at the Port Authority of NSW explores; Managing environmental impacts and developing the port in a sustainable manner Establishing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving environmental objectives, targets and action plans Identifying, managing and mitigating...

Coast and Marine Structures 2018 - Past Presentation Packet

Download all 4 of our available past presentations from the Coast and Marine Structures 2018 Summit. Enjoy insights from:Richard Morgan, Principal at Aspec EngineeringChristopher Hardman, Executive Director - Melbourne Division at Parks VictoriaJohn Mander, Professor at Texas A&M University USA and Murray Gilbertson, Director at G-Group ConsultingMatthew Deane,  Senior Maritime & Civil Structures Engineer and Celeste Chan, Asset Management Engineer...

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