Henk Voogt

Asset Manager - Port Infrastructure Port of Rotterdam Authority

Conference Day One: Thursday 15 October 2020

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

9:10 AM Port of Rotterdam Case Study: Taking Proactive, Predictive and Risk Based Asset Management Approach At One of The World’s Largest Ports

The Port of Rotterdam owns and manages more than 80 kilometres of waterfront structures, known as quay walls) with a total replacement value of around 1.45 billion euros. These structures are exposed to a wide range of environments that vary from low salinity (brackish) water to high salinity (seawater) conditions, which causes degradation in the form of corrosion for the substructure constructed of steel sheetpiling or steel combiwalls and rebar corrosion with chemical degradation of the concrete elements. With the typical service life of their waterfront structures around 50 years and the port in constant expansion, the Port of Rotterdam needed to implement a rigorous approach and protocols to efficiently track required annual maintenance as well as forecast the short- and long-term costs of keeping their structures in service for their tenants.

This presentation covers the use of a proactive, predictive and risk based asset management approach and its underlying principals in one of the world’s largest port.

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