The 12th Annual Coast & Marine Structures Summit is back in 2020 for it's best year yet. With a brand new line-up of speakers, and a program curated by industry experts - this years June event will give a true look into the future of Coast & Marine Structures in Australia.

Maximising Trade Opportunities Through Future Proofing of Port Infrastructure and Whole of Life Asset Management Strategies

Despite Ports witnessing one of the most productive years yet, with 2019 seeing continued growth in container vessel capacity, and container traffic in Australian Ports rising by 2%, quayside revenue slipped to a new average low of 8.1%.

Now more than ever, it is becoming essential to combat this lack of return through higher efficiencies in marine structure design, development, and operations - starting with whole-of-life and future proofed asset management.

The 2020 Coast & Marine Structures Summit will look at exactly that - bringing together port owners, authorities, engineers, and asset owners to share transferable strategies that will help maximise trade opportunities and optimise your infrastructure.

 Key Themes for 2020

As last year’s event was the most successful to date, with  industry professionals sharing solutions to key challenges in Port Asset Management, Design and Development, we have high hopes for 2020 - and are looking to deep-dive into 7 distinct themes in order to:

  • Establish proactive strategic plans to future-proof assets
  • Increase efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of ongoing asset management and operations
  • Ensure effective port design and development to respond to changes in shipping and coastal environments

The Top 7 Focus Areas

- Ports For The Future: Long Term Strategy & Trade

- Leveraging Innovation In Technology, Data, and Equipment For Ongoing Operations

- Infrastructure That Lasts: Prevention And Protection

- Existing Assets & Aging Infrastructure: Optimising Investment

- Sustainable Development: Overcoming Environmental Roadblocks And Volatile Conditions

- Augmenting Operational Risk Management & Trade Benefits

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