05 - 07 April, 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

The only city infrastructure show bringing together global visionaries, city planners and key stakeholders working on major infrastructure projects 

Waleed Alessia

CEO Raza

Currently manages 2 million square meters of residential, office, mixed-use, and community developments in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. Aims to double assets under management to 26 billion riyals ($6.9 billion) by 2024. Offering asset management, property management and commercial services under its new strategy.

Housing, High Rise, Commercial Buildings Forum Day One: Monday, 6 April 2020

Monday, April 6th, 2020

3:20 PM KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Creating Housing And Residential Project To Be A Leading Sustainability Benchmark

Fundamental transformation to the GCC’s region development towards sustainability is already in progress, and is gaining pace presently with initiatives, awareness campaigns and pilot projects. Despite being a fairly recent development, the economic and urban transformation towards sustainability is sufficiently wide-ranging, fast-paced, and anchored in policy frameworks, towards sustainable urbanism and sustainable economic development in the GCC. Various building activities, such as the design, construction, use, refurbishment and demolition of buildings, directly and indirectly affect the environmental performance of the sector.

This session will discuss the policy instrumental with regard to reduction of CO2 emissions, minimisation of construction and demolition waste, net zero-homes and prevention of indoor air pollution, which indicates the direction in the sustainable building of housing and residential sector, should be strengthened.
  • How are the different policies and regulations affecting the construction project timeline?
  • What are the design and planning challenges that are required to efficiently meet the net-zero energy needs of a building?
  • How are green building materials helping to improve the performance of a building?
  • How is utilisation of sensors and control systems resulting in better performance and energy-efficiency in buildings?
  • How does green or sustainable retrofitting improve the sustainability of the residential and housing infrastructure?