05 - 07 April, 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

The only city infrastructure show bringing together global visionaries, city planners and key stakeholders working on major infrastructure projects 

Who Attends

Roads, Bridges and Highways Forum

  • Transport ministries and road authorities to ensure integration and inclusiveness in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects to enhance the state competitiveness and keep pace with global developments in the field of infrastructure.
  • Consultants and contractors to share and explore current initiatives to battle increased road congestion leading to the need of new roads and bridges, structural failure causing prioritisation on asset management and maintenance, complicated stakeholder collaboration leading to more stringent control and guidelines, and the adoption of new partnership models.
  • Researchers and innovators to reveal ground breaking ideas and innovations to tackle the region’s biggest priorities and challenges in order to build sustainable, durable and state of the art infrastructure by participating in product demons or interactive tech cube sessions
  • Solution providers to develop and foster relationships with key stakeholders and influencers dedicated to developing and expanding the regional road network to solve socio-economic challenges and showcase how they can work together in order to achieve the region’s biggest priorities and project goals


  • Government ministries, port authorities and private developers to confer and deliberate on the region’s opportunities and challenges in marine and coastal design and engineering as they look to take advantage of their coastline to boost their economy, social development and tourism
  • Environmental specialists to bring together both leading marine communities to ensure the region’s vision of developing sustainable urban waterfront cities is achieved without negating and harming the vital marine environment
  • Marine infrastructure specialists to discuss the opposing side of the vision and lend their expertise and solutions in designing, constructing and maintaining state of the art marine infrastructure

Housing and Urban Development Forum

  • Government agencies to share their vision of supplying high quality housing and creating cohesive communities for the region through exceptional and pioneering partnerships
  • Private developers building residential developments to capitalize on the region’s high demand for housing
  • Architects, consultants and contractors looking to identify modern building techniques and cost-effective materials to help reach budgets as well as increase sustainability
  • Building solution providers to exhibit their materials, equipment and technologies in the presence of key decision makers whilst also reaching potential new customers in the region


  • Regional municipalities and environmental agencies to outline the regional roadmaps put in place to tackle opportunities and challenges they are facing
  • Consultants and contractors involved in drainage, sewerage, utilities, water infrastructure and urban planning to gain knowledge on the projects owners’ requirements and procure expertise and solutions for their design and constructions and share their expertise for regional collaboration and success
  • Research institutes with an imperative focus on bringing together the engineering and environmental communities to share their knowledge and expertise to address these critical issues and enable sustainable development
  • Solution providers to gain access and critical project insights to increase awareness of their products while positioning your company and showcasing how it is needed to ensure the success of these projects