Increasing Network Capacity and Functionality through Modern Tunneling Techniques: An inside look at the Metro Tunnel Project in Melbourne

In this article, Paul Thomas, Deputy Director, Tunneling and Underground Stations at Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) shares insight into the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project vision and why Melbourne needs this railway. The MMRA’s role spans the entire project lifecycle, from project approval through to tender evaluation, contract awards and construction. In this article, Paul explores how developers plan to tunnel through challenging conditions and the strategies being used to mitigate risks and ensure safe tunneling practices to deliver the project on time and in budget.

Modernising London Underground: Lessons learn from redeveloping the world’s oldest station

In this case study, Nigel Holness, Director of Network Operations at London Underground (UK) explores the best strategies to maintain assets, tunnels and station infrastructure and steps that can be used to minimise disruption during metro rail construction and upgrades.

An update on 4 of Australia’s biggest metro rail projects happening right now

What steps can developers, operators and Government take to overcome these challenges and ensure metro rail projects are delivered on time, in budget? What’s more, what steps can be taken to ensure these new railways are designed to meet the needs of Australia’s growing population in the years to come?

To answer some of these questions, we have compiled a quick overview of 4 of the biggest metro rail developments happening right now across Australia. This article explores the innovative ways each of these projects is set to deliver complex underground rail construction to create transport hubs for the future.

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