Exclusive Content

Metro Rail Stations and Terminals 2019 Presentation Packet

Ahead of the 2019 Metro Rail Stations and Terminals Summit, have a look at some exclusive presentations from the 2018 events.

Enjoy insights from:
  • Paul Davies, Communication & Sustainability Manager at Northwest Rapid Transit
  • Brett Summers, Project Director and Matt Williamson, Senior Project Manager at River Crossing Removal Authority
  • Boubekeur Merabet,Senior Project Manager at SNCF Paris

Australia’s First Driverless Train: Delivering Stage 1 of Sydney Metro’s Groundbreaking Project

Ahead of the Metro Rail Stations and Terminals Summit, we deep dive into the innovative measures the Sydney Metro Northwest project showcases, including the landmark skytrain viaduct, and the introduction of Australia’s first fully-automated train. 

Metro Trains Melbourne’s $11bn Transformation: Leveraging Effective Stakeholder Engagement to Ensure Successful Project Delivery

Ahead of Metro Rail Stations & Terminals 2019, we caught up with Jeremy Yeates, Performance Manager at Metro Trains Melbourne to learn more about how engaging in such a transformation can only be successfully achieved through effective stakeholder engagement, and how they plan to achieve this.

Metro Rail International Best Practice: Driving Network Efficiency through Effective Station and Terminal Design

Responding to changing customer needs and working to deliver enhanced experiences should always be at the forefront of all stakeholders’ minds from planning all the way through to delivery and is a key factor to successful projects all around the globe. How exactly are other countries keeping themselves aligned with modern customer needs and rapid growth? We take the guess work out and have a look at best practice from three stand-out international station and terminal projects, ahead of Metro Rail Stations and Terminals 2019.