18 - 19 February, 2020 | Singapore

Monetizing eSports & mobile gaming in Asia

Asian users spend $12 billion yearly on mobile games. Industry players argue that by 2021, Southeast Asia alone will house 250 million mobile gamers and drive $2.4 billion in revenue.

As demand grows the challenge of keeping up with user expectations and preferences increases. With the promise of portability and entertainment on-the-go, the cost is high when companies launch games in untapped markets. New publishers and developers struggled in brand recognition for market reach. In-game advertisements distract and annoy users, leading to lower user engagement metrics. The confusing payment structure also leads to revenue losses and makes the whole purpose of ads futile. On the other hand, all these present massive opportunities for retailing, emerging technologies and investors.

Focusing on “Monetizing eSports & mobile gaming in Asia”, the 2nd Mobile Gaming Asia Summit will bring together the top game developers and publishers, governments, telcos, eSports teams and industry stakeholders to examine monetisation strategies and partnership opportunities in the ecosystem.

Key themes include:

•  Publishers and teams: creating the perfect ecosystem
•  The Fighting Game Community and Market Territory in the Game of Thrones
•  Investment in esports & Mobile Gaming: Who wants to be a millionaire?
•  Franchise Expansion Onto Mobile Gaming
•  Data Science in Gamer’s Behaviour
•  The current state, and future of collegiate esports

Featured Speakers


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Inspired by the big ideas speakers and forward-thinking companies discussing the future of eSports and Mobile Gaming

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Discover innovative ways to excite audience in game education, bringing best practices back to classrooms

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Hear from the brightest game creators’ experiences, perspectives and lesson learnt to bring these games to life

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Monetization strategies to diversify your games revenue and expansion plan

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Find the right partners to ensure successful collaboration