September 17 - 19, 2019
Seattle, USA

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors 2019

Dow Performance Silicones

Dow Performance Silicones is a global leader in silicone material technologies and innovation, serving PCB and systems assembly manufacturers across the value chain. Dow has served the aerospace and avionics industry for over 70 years with our protection and assembly solutions, bridging the gap between cutting-edge innovation and proven performance.... Read More

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If you’ve ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge, or put on wearable technology, chances are you’ve used a product where ANSYS software played a critical role in its creation. ANSYS is the global leader... Read More

Astronics Advanced Electronics Systems

With over 50 years of experience in power management, Astronics AES has developed patented intelligent power management systems flying on various aircraft to date.  Located in Kirkland, Washington, Astronics AES is an industry-leading manufacturer of aircraft electrical power systems, including power generation, conversion, distribution, and control.  For more details, visit... Read More

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Crane Aerospace & Electronics provides high-integrity, rugged power products supported by our heritage brands ELDEC, Keltec and Interpoint. With nearly 60 years of experience in power conversion, we offer a full line of off-the-shelf and custom power solutions for commercial aviation, defense and space markets. As a trusted industry leader... Read More


MagniX is enabling a new era of aviation with a powerful, efficient, and all electric propulsion system for commercial aerospace and defense use. Read More


Founded in 1973, TRONICO specialises in the design, manufacturing and assembly of complex electronic products on behalf of others, throughout the product’s life-cycle.TRONICO is a major supplier of OEM’s electronic systems for Aeronautic, Defence & Security and Space.In addition to its core EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) business, TRONICO has also... Read More

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.

For more than 50 years, Zeus has been providing performance polymer extrusions to a multiple industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, to medical. As one of the first extruders of PTFE, Zeus set the benchmark for others to follow. Today, Zeus continues to look to the future for our customers’ next... Read More