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Article on how to use megawatt propulsion system technology for hybrid electric aircraft

How much can we learn from NASA’s regarding megawatt scale propulsion for electric aircraft. Find out more in our expert article, including an interview with Dr. Ajay Misra, Deputy Director, Research and Engineering Directorate at NASA.

Article on technological innovations to enable electrical power for bigger aircraft

Would you agree that battery architectures and Megawatt propulsion systems are unlocking the air mobility of the future? How will these technologies be implemented by the aviation industry? Read how OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers stating to prepare an early adoption of the innovations.

Registration - More Electric Aircraft Europe Conference

Interested in the latest standard developments and certification requirements for electric aircraft's? Then do not miss out on this event! Here is the easiest and fastest way to register.

Report: How to resolve technical obstacles to switch to all-electric flights?

How will the aviation industry make the leap from prototypes and small aircraft to long-haul passenger planes? Read in IQPC’s expert report which technologies are currently under development to make the future shift. 

Presentation: What new technologies are needed to adapt to higher voltages in aviation?

Current pace of battery and electrical engine technology are not expected to be ready until 2030. So what new technologies are needed to adapt to higher voltages in aviation? Learn from Cambridge University about latest technologies.