Creating Libraries for All in an Evolving World

Creating Libraries for All in an Evolving World

The modern library is no longer defined by the number of books it has on its shelves, but rather it is now about being a living space for the users.

Today, people are more focused on learning activities and they want social interaction together with the possibility to share their knowledge with others. Therefore, the ‘relational library’ is a new development where libraries become a meeting and interaction place for people. The library’s physical spaces and the needs of the different target groups of the library must be highly considered when defining the library’s structure.

By creating flexible, multipurpose spaces equipped with technology and knowledgeable 21st Century Librarians, libraries can go beyond their traditional book-based services, and once again become the hubs of community by supporting the local economy, fostering innovation and aiding education.  

Ahead of the Next Generation Libraries Summit 2019 we take a look at how three State Libraries from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are transforming and evolving their service offerings in an effort to become 21st Century community hubs. 

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