Evolving the Library: Creating Modern Community Hubs

Evolving the Library: Creating Modern Community Hubs

The rise of digital technologies has challenged the traditional notion of public libraries. They are no longer institutions that solely offer printed material for literacy and learning. In fact, with the introduction of the internet, the volume of online information now exceeds that available in every physical library in the world.

This, coupled with advances in digital accessibility, not only meant that information was available anytime anywhere, but it also imposed a sense of urgency for libraries around the world to reinvent themselves as “the heart of the community”. In Australia, public libraries evolved to take on diverse roles within the community. They now focus on educational, health, personal, social and digital skill development.

By creating flexible, multipurpose spaces libraries can go beyond their traditional book-based services, and once again become the hubs of community by supporting the local economy, fostering innovation and aiding education.  

Ahead of the Next Generation Libraries Summit 2018 we take a look at how three State Libraries from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are transforming and evolving their service offerings in an effort to become 21st Century community hubs. 

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