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We are getting back into the office. Slowly, but surely.

So what does that mean for you and every other business?

It likely means that if you haven’t already started getting your teams settled into the return to work strategy, you’re finalizing that strategy for a (partial?) return to the office by January. It also means that you’re dealing with not only the physical return to the workplace, but how to ensure your employees are feeling supported and that the employee experience is front and center.
The future office is no longer just about the physical office! It’s about workplace design, workplace experience, HR, IT, employee experience, facilities management and more.

If this resonates, then Future Offices Summer (Online) is for you. We’re back this July 27-28 and are bringing together a variety of perspectives from across industry so you can get a depth and breadth of knowledge to help your workplace efforts.
Some of the hottest topics we will address:
  • Leveraging the hybrid workplace to build an ecosystem of partners
  • Applying pandemic work strategies to a post-pandemic workplace
  • How to create hybrid equity among employees in a predominantly hybrid work environment
  • Data collection, privacy and use – how to capitalize on the plethora of new data without taking advantage of employee trust
  • Redesigning the employee value proposition to meet employee expectations and those of future candidates
  • And more!
Through a combination of case studies, panel discussions, and face to face roundtables (virtually, that is) that pack plenty of information punch, Future Offices Summer is the only event that attracts corporate real estate, workplace strategy/experience, facility managers, employee experience executives and design experts to the same table.


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