January 22 - 24, 2020
New York, NY

Future Offices Winter Blog

By: Elizabeth Mixson

How Gilead Sciences's Office Design Leaders Enable Connectivity, Culture and Collaboration

Can Office Design Help Save Lives? Office Design Leaders at Gilead Sciences Say Yes.

By: Elizabeth Mixson

2019 Office Design Trends

By: Rebecca Connolly

How Zappos, Unity Technologies, and Atlassian Create the Ultimate Employee Experience

The three key elements that modern companies need to implement to create a lasting employee experience with the experiential office: culture, technology, and office design. 

By: Rebecca Connolly

Why Companies like Microsoft Use Coworking Spaces

Coworking is changing the worldplace world! Instead of traditional offices, companies are using coworking spaces to save money, for convenience, and to give their employees a better working experience. 

By: Elizabeth Mixson

Open Office Layouts - Love it? Or Hate it?

Here are some thoughts from our speakers in defense of the open office layout.