Future Offices Trends

Top University Construction Projects 2019-2020

By: Elizabeth Mixson

Businesses aren't the only organizations driving innovation within the real estate space. Take a look at  the 6 university construction projects ushering in the next generation of design. 

The Top 5 Meeting Room Trends To Watch in 2020

By: Elizabeth Mixson

Conferencing 2.0 and the future of collaboration spaces. 

The 5 Fundamentals of Designing Healthy Work Spaces

By: Elizabeth Mixson

Key considerations for building healthier and happier workplaces. 

Designing the Employee Experience

By: Elizabeth Mixson

A Look into the 5 Office Design Technologies Transforming Employee Experience 

HOSPITALITY: The Next Big Thing in Office Design

By: Elizabeth Mixson

A look into how hospitality trends are shaping workplace strategy from design to employee experience. Find out how incorporating a hospitality-inspired elements can transform work environments from physical spaces to experiences. 

Is Remote Working a Huge Mistake for Your Company?

By: Rebecca Connolly

As more companies are offering remote working as an option for their employees, are there enough benefits to cover the challenges associated with independent work? Is remote working worth the price of communication challenges or lack of team morale?

Your Office May Be Beautiful, But Is It Safe?

By: Elizabeth Mixson

Protecting employees as well as physical infrastructure from harm is a top priority for any organization. In this article, we talk the evolving role physical security plays in office design and provide and overview of the 5 hottest emerging security innovations on the horizon. 

If Your Office Doesn’t Merge Company Branding & Design, You Should Start Now

By: Rebecca Connolly

Where do you start in merging branding with office design? We've examined 5 different global offices to give you an idea of how some companies have adapted their workplace to reflect their company's brand.   

The Workplace Generation Gap Mystery

By: Rebecca Connolly

Is activity based working the solution to bridging the workplace generation gap? 

Using Office Design to Drive Recruitment & Retention

By: Elizabeth Mixson

A conversation with Luigi Sciabarrasi,  the SVP, Global Real Estate Lead at AECOM

2019's Top 7 Office Modernization Technologies

By: Elizabeth Mixson

An overview of the hottest tools and technology for constructing a state-of-the-art workplace.

Inside BMO’s Workplace Xperience Program

By: Elizabeth Mixson

A conversation with Lynn Roger, Global Head of Employee Experience & Workplace Transformation, BMO Financial Group and Mohamed Rajan, Managing Director, Head Workplace Experience, BMO Financial Group

Building Work Environments that Spark Collaboration

By: Elizabeth Mixson

The Future Office's Guide to Designing Spaces that Facilitate Human Interaction 

How Gilead Sciences's Office Design Leaders Enable Connectivity, Culture and Collaboration

By: Elizabeth Mixson

Can Office Design Help Save Lives? Workplace Strategy Leaders at Gilead Sciences Say Yes.

2019 Office Design Trends

By: Elizabeth Mixson

An overview of the solutions and strategies shaping the modern workplace.

How Zappos, Unity Technologies, and Atlassian Create the Ultimate Employee Experience

By: Rebecca Connolly

The three key elements that modern companies need to implement to create a lasting employee experience with the experiential office: culture, technology, and office design. 

Why Companies like Microsoft Use Coworking Spaces

By: Rebecca Connolly

Coworking is changing the worldplace world! Instead of traditional offices, companies are using coworking spaces to save money, for convenience, and to give their employees a better working experience. 

Open Office Layouts - Love it? Or Hate it?

By: Elizabeth Mixson

People love to hate on the open office layout. Despite that, it's still one of the most popular office layouts in existence. With that in mind, we sat down with a group of workplace design experts to find out what it takes to implement open office plans that actually work.